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missional community groups

Currently all groups are meeting virtually ... there is room for you!

Missional Community Groups Signup Form

Missional Community Groups help people grow in their faith and build community. Currently all of our groups are meeting virtually. They take place throughout the week at different days and times, so use this form to find a group that's right for you. We'd love to have you join us!
We have many options for adults ... as well as options for students.

West (Tuesday 8:30pm) - Jonathan Kelly leading
Estates (Wednesday 7:00pm) - Kory Hubbell leading
Meadows ( Wednesday 8:30pm) - Dave Anthony leading
Meadows Part 2 (Wednesday 8:30pm) -  Jeremy Buskirk leading
Souders (Tuesday 8:30pm) - Jerry Funston leading
South (Monday 8:30pm)) - Kendall Eilola leading
CHAOS - Debbie Whitt leading (4th-6th)
Students - Bruce Whitt leading (7-12)

Missional Community Study Materials

Our Missional Communities follow a basic format.
We love to eat together, learn together and pray together.
During this time of social distancing while all of our groups are meeting virtually, unfortunately the eating together isn't happening. But we are continuing to practice the other two rhythms.  Our weekly study materials are available for download here.  Just click the week # title.
Celebrate the start of something new.
Define the Gospel and it's 3 Big Aspects.
Discuss how the Gospel is Doctrinal
We ask ourselves if the gospel is just a entry ticket to heaven or is it also a way forward into transformation.
How does the Gospel change the way we view the world?
The Gospel changes everything!
We begin to establish a pattern of maturing in the Gospel: Repentance and Faith
The Gospel of Jesus is the center of community
We begin to share life as a community!
Sharing Life Together ... we invite others into ours and join people in theirs.
Some folks will say "no" to this kind of community
Our missional communities must have a mission; it will be characterized by discipleship and evangelism

Week #8 - Being on Mission Together

Missional Communities are "sent" together.
They can identify and those they are being sent to find!