The Journey Galena Community Center is home to many events, sports leagues, and other community gatherings!

This space is also available as a rental site for community and public events. Rental Rates and Request are available below.

There are many possibilities for this space!

Rental Rates

Rates include the defined space, access 30 minutes in prior and 15 minutes after your scheduled event. Renter is responsible for clean up. If these rates are outside of your means, please reach out. Journey members receive a discounted price; please see an elder to make arrangements..

Gym/Auditorium Rental - $100/hr ; $250/whole evening; $750+/Fri Evening & Saturday Wedding - Sunday Mornings Unavailable

Cafe Rental - $75/hr; $150/whole evening & varies if being used in conjunction with Gym/Auditorium Rental

Classroom Rental - $50/hr; $100/whole evening & varies if being in used in conjunction with other spaces

Front/Side/Exterior Space Rental - varies based on time, day of the week, etc ... please reach out to discuss

Final rates are determined based on exact spaces and times needed. We are flexible and want our space to be used regularly!

Please complete both the Calendar Request and Facility Use Form!

Galena Community Center Facility Use Request Form

Fill out this form as the first step towards having an event at Journey Galena Community Center.

Whether you are a ministry leader seeking to have a Journey event at the facility or a community member requesting to use the community center's facilities, please fill out this form to get our leadership the relevant info concerning your event.

The Journey Galena reserves the right to refuse usage to persons and parties at the discretion of the elders of the church. Additionally, in heavy seasons of activity, usage may be limited depending on staffing to support the scheduling and organization of such usage.

Will you clean the area after the event, or do you request that Journey bring in a cleaning team after your event?
The minimum fee for Journey bringing in a cleaning team is $250, but may be higher depending on the event's size and the date/time.

*If you clean it, you are expected to leave it as clean as you found it. It should also be left with the furniture arrangement like it was when you found it. Journey may not be able to hold events that require us to bring in a cleaning team on certain dates and times.

Terms & Conditions
(Signature required to indicate you agree to the terms & conditions stated below):

1. Policy Administration
- Facility use is not guaranteed and is based upon the church’s discretion depending on church calendar and other variables.
- The Journey Galena CC reserves the right to schedule multiple events concurrently throughout the building (if possible), but will not overlap room usage between groups.

2. Expectations During Facility Use
- Church equipment may not be taken off of the church property without written (email) permission from a Journey Elder.
- Decorations cannot be fastened to the walls or ceiling with or ceiling using non-marking and non-damaging products.
- No children are allowed on the stage, sound booth, in basement or in storage areas.
- Nobody should touch equipment in the sound booth or on the stage without prior written (email) approval from the church staff.
- Groups and individuals shall not enter any rooms that are not agreed to in the fee schedule on the Facility Use Form. Use of the lobby & restrooms is implied with all arrangements.
- Groups must provide all the supplies necessary for their events and shall not use any supplies stored at the church without getting prior written (email) approval from a church elder or staff member (this includes but is not limited to plates, silverware, cups, etc).
- Alcohol consumption during an event on Journey's property is forbidden without prior written consent from a Journey elder.

3. Clean Up
- Groups are required to remove everything brought into the church for the event and complete the following basic clean-up tasks:
* Collect all loose trash into trash bags and empty trashcans in all rooms, including bathrooms, utilized. Place trash bags in the dumpster on the church parking lot. Put new trash bag in trash cans. Trash bags are typically available in the bottom of the cans.
* Wipe down all tables used with a mild soap solution and return them to proper storage areas.
* Vacuum / sweep the entryway and all rooms used. Spot clean wherever necessary.
* Flush and clean all toilets. Clean sinks and countertops in the bathrooms.
* All spaces should be returned to the state they where in when you arrived. It is advised to take a picture of the space to ensure that it can be reconfigured properly.
- Any significant cleaning needs and/or repair needs should be explicitly communicated to the church staff so they can be addressed in a timely manner.
- No damage deposit is required but by agreeing to terms and conditions, the requestor agrees to pay for damages done to the property during their event, outside of natural disasters / acts of God. If the event is thrown by an official Journey ministry, this does not apply.

4. Legal Liability
- The church will not be held responsible for personal property left in the building.
- If there is damage to church property during an event, the person or organization using the building will be assessed damages fees.
- In consideration of The Journey Galena permitting any individual, group, or organization to use the property and improvements described above, the individual, group, or organization agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to defend, pay on behalf of, and hold harmless The Journey Galena against any and all claims, demands, suits, losses, including all costs connected therewith, for any damage which may be asserted, claimed or recovered against or from The Journey Galena, its elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers or all others working on behalf of The Journey Galena, by reason of personal injury, including bodily injury and death; and/or property damage, including loss of use thereof, which arises out of the alleged negligence of The Journey Galena and/or in any way connected or associated with this contract.