Love My Neighbor Flyer - 4/19 --> 4/23

We Are the Church

Let’s Get “Moving”
Jesus commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and while the Coronavirus has radically changed all of our lives, it also provides us with an opportunity to step up and BE the Church. It calls us to put our faith into action and show God’s love to the people who live around us.
But let’s face it—we are all out of practice at being good neighbors. In many places, the days when you really knew your neighbors and spent time with them are long gone. So we have put together this list of ideas—things that anyone can do to actively help and provide hope to our neighbors. And if someone asks why, share about Jesus!
When:  4/19/20 —> 4/23/20 … and then keep going
How:  Choose one of these ways or be creative, just snap a photo and submit it this week. We’ll be sharing some of them on our social media streams.
  • Shop Local - find out if anyone on your block owns a local business and consider how you could support it. Many businesses are asking people to buy gift certificates to bring in cash now so they can keep their doors open, consider this option.
  • Care Packages - (bottle of Gatorade, granola bar, orange or apple) for truckers, first responders, health care workers
  • Offer Tech Assistance - Right now, many tasks and errands are being completed online. Your older neighbors may not be as experienced in using apps and websites. With that in mind, offering to help someone navigate a website or to handle certain tasks online could make a big difference!
  • Make Cards - or crafts for your neighbors (Helps your kids focus on encouraging others and can count as art for distance learning!)
  • Donate to Bountiful Backpacks
  • Be Creative and find a new way!

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